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Tina the Troubled Teen
oh and updates in the Lies and truths as always section below =)

if you are one of those people who aren't normal, than maybe you just might get this site, but I sure as hell don't!I'm just trying to offend you and seeing if you've run away yet *evil snicker* I think that I am required to put something up to warn people of the content of this site. PARENTAL ADVISORY!!! happy? blurryness What kind of warning is that o_O I think it's time for change. so I have deleted my shit story and my jeebus story. I will email them to you on request but for now, they are gone.

do do do
bicycle shoes

ask danielle, i wonder what she's doing......


this is me>>>

I have many more

I wrote all up my arm and it's purdy

can't think. too hungrey.

Numist came online last night.....I wonder when Trent will
Uncle HymanLies and truths are always
I hate it when my parents fight, I wish they would let these wash over them like water. If only Nathan had something to say to me I would know what to feel and how to respond, but I don't and nobody has anything to say to me. I would call Trent and wake him up, but I'm not allowed to call long distance. Maybe I will again, for the 3rd time this month, I am going to be murdered I swear. The things I do for him. I'm sad, and I'm lonely and worried and I'm...i'm scared and there's nobody here to hold me.


I don't know how to tell you this


hehe e-mail me damnit =P


-lalala I am not allowed to wear black i color black all over my whole body with permanet marker instead.

-OK, I'm back in black...sad, distraught, lost angered, alone, ignored and abandoned. Yep I'm back to my "normal" self. and it sucks. My favourite colour is still orange and I still make everyone around me laugh at any chance I get. but I'm not myself and never will be. I feel like I'm being treated as a thing that you play with when ever you choose. and when your done, I am abandoned. *sigh* . I wish someone would save me.

I just need to find a place to put my new pictures, I am going to have so many soon.I hope everybody visits my site every day so they can see what I update everytime. I don't do it everyday. It's your task to see what I updated.
Ok now the article about Jaci we've all been waiting for, not really but she deserves alot of stuff because she is so nice even though my mom and sister and little brother have put ehr through alot. I put her through alot too. *smiles* go Jaci! you rule! Ok Jaci is Brady ( My Big Protecting brother)'s ex-girlfriend. and he really loves her alot. I dunt think he has ever loved anyone this much. she brings him to his knees and he is like 6'5" or sumthin. and I dunt know how she does it but I really respect her and it's hard to get true respect from me. Respect is everything to me and she gots it! go Jaci ! Ok I be going to bed now. I'll add more later!! LUVS YOU ALL!
P.S. I miss you! and the baby is reeeaaaalllyyy cute =) tell jen i said hewwo and to visit!

Ok now onto other stuff.

other stuff

I'm mad >=( someone keeps deleting my AIm and all my away messages were deleted and stuff and they were short sweet poems I loved. lets go murder the people in my family i hate, even if they didn't do it. I'd just be a nice b-day present. I need to make a thingy that says "over 500 hits", but i forget how many I have now. oh well. I'm lazy.

OK time to fill space....ok I'm filling
and filling
and filling

ok I'm done filling.
*belch* don't you just love me =D This site has so changed form what it was, now it's just weird, it was cool and funny and great for other people, now it's just way too personal...

ok, that feels better
I think i filled up space now...bye bye

damnit, i didn't..I need to put down one of my poems or something here. I know how's about the one I'm going to submit to OCHSA =D ok, I'll delete a thingy i worte to the side, yeah my thing about me being sincere finally, and I'll put it there =D ok I'll go do that now..
bye bye

and I do hope this completed me
taking up this stupid space =D
ok bye bye now


"You enter and see her sitting in the corner...she doesn't even look up as you pass...her eyes are fixed on the rising sun through the window...
the sky is filling with golden warmth and yet she shivers and rubs her arms with her hands...
even this, she seems unaware of as she continues to stare at the distant horizon...

the sorrow has hit her hard this time...the night has been unkind to her and she mourns the loss of normalcy...
she feels the potential for such evil and the greedy desire of her Beast...
it pains her and so she sits and brings in the dawn with sullen eyes and hurt in her soul...
a brief respite from her Hunger, the sun burns away the darkness inside her...
she know however, mere hours from now, it will be back and it will again dominate her thoughts and drive her passions...

until then, she sits, alone and weary, nestled in her own embrace, mute and silent..."

Me and Robbie fighting, I was an ass! go for me!
I like black, I like permiscuous things, I like boyz, I like girlz, I like trents and shaggys and mattias and shawnz. I like vampires and guys who wear the full on vampire suits with the hatz and stuff, just like the guy at the spectrum. SSOOOOO HOT. *droolz* okie bye bye now and go fuck yourself because I'm not doing it for you. Your not worth it.


-hi matt!

-restarting matt journal!

Hello Matthew, I'm I decided to actually write in this again.. You'r like the only guy who'd read anything, so that's y I did it to you in the first place. Trent's always to tired and lazy and i dunno 'bout numist and oh i don't know. seems like somedays ur the only who'd do something for me. I know I shouldn't complain about Trent, but lately I have and with good reason. I'm not going to act all sincere and all giving, I need something back too >( I am finally complaining and I hope he doesn't get mad at me =( Oh why am I so afraid of losing him matthew? I'm just a confused little girl, why'd I have to grow up so fast?
oh cry for me, I'm already dead"
Borderline:Very High
Histrionic:Very High
Dependent:Very High

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I am an Orangitangipenguin! This is here too piss you off, Yes I'm full german, no I'm not nazi but I play one in real life
I guess I'll just write what ever I want to feel in this section
it scares me sometimes...this force inside me...I can feel it like a second layer beneath my clings just below the surface and it breathes with my pulse; racing though out my body in an endless charges empowers grants a sharpness and crispness to the night like no other living soul can fathom...I gain a smoothness; a fluidity to my whole body...i gain grace; i gain poise; i gain a strength and confidence beyond that of my fragile form...I know and see and understand the night around me...i can smell the life; i can see the heat; i can feel the warmth of their sheer aliveness of those around me...and then the need rises...the aching longing to feel complete with this second meld the two into one perfect feel the pleasure of the union; to feel the perfection of the union; to feel whole; sated; complete...but this solace does not come demands a demands it's dues...and it will do whatever it must to fulfill it's is my Beast; my is alive as I am alive and it is ruthless...a force of nature and therefore, in and of itself, not evil....but, being of nature, it knows nothing of knows nothing of "right" and "wrong" only knows it's drive to feed; to sate it's need; to survive at all cost...and it is so very courses though you; violating your very veins whispering it's wants to sings in your soul sweet promises of pleasure and knows what you secretly long for and it teases you with these very things until you give in...until you can not postpone the next 'high' a moment longer..until you find your teeth clamped onto living flesh and in a second of sheer horror, you realize you have done it again; you have surrendered; you have brought pain and harm with your need and you have lost the never-ending battle one more time...but this is so washed away in the glory that is this've wanted it for so long and you can no longer function as two separate entities, but mesh into one greedy instinct wearing flesh...

another battle begins...the battle to regain take enough to fill you, but not so much as to harm the is a fine and dangerous becomes the war of instinct vs. must remember who you are beyond this; what you believe; what you hold dear...that this life is not yours to do with as you want; that you are not immune to law and morals...that this is not an unfeeling creature; that this is not a disposable resource...this is a human life and it is precious and it is worthy of living...and so you must must break the spell and again take rise over the beast...

the last battle rages later...when you are filled with life...when the world is again new and perfect...when you are strong, alive, battle your battle yourself and that your need again has battle the endless cycle of it all as you know this perfection will not is fleeting and soon, you do it all will die a thousand deaths this way and you will forever search for that completion you touch for a moment...but you will never hold is an addiction more greedy and demanding than any drug; it is a pain and hurt a thousand times as sharp as any other; and it is forever yours to have; forever yours to fight in futile the end, it will always are it's slave...and you can never break free...and it scares me can be such a force of hurt and a force of is strong and it always wins...

not much, I'll have more later

6640 Oooo my sentences confuse me. 340481